Thoughts on Creativity

The end of the summer seems to always be so busy. With school starting up and a bunch of other things going on I haven’t found the time to write anything so I guess I’ll get a post in now before my classes start tomorrow.

This summer I’ve been working on trying to draw using my iPad. You might’ve seen my first drawing in the post “iPad Art”. That drawing was a quick one (and by quick I mean about 2 and a half hours, for comparison, the picture of Walter White shown below took about 7 hours) and was my first foray into the world of iPad drawing. Since then I’ve experimented with different techniques and mediums i.e. using an airbrush for shadows or doing them exclusively with pencil. To me, the pictures seemed to get better as time went on and people began telling me that I was a good artist after seeing those pictures.

Hearing people tell me that I was a good artist always left me confused. I never considered myself an “artist” (not that I didn’t think my drawings were good, they’re freaking awesome). An artist to me was someone who produced art that combined technique with creativity. All the pictures I drew were from near constant reference to an image or photograph. There was no creativity involved, just meticulous replication. This got me thinking, does the requirement to be an artist involve some element of creativity? One of the reasons I stopped taking art classes was because I often struggled with projects that required me to produce something that revolved around a theme or had some underlying message and other artsy bull. I just couldn’t do it. The idea of producing something from nothing was so god damn hard that I would often give up and turn in something sub-par merely to receive a passing grade. The drawings of mine that could even be remotely considered creative are my doodles of dragons and anime characters. What do you think makes an artist an artist? While you’re pondering that, take a gander at some of the drawings I did this summer…




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