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Another year wiser

I turned 19 yesterday. It was fairly uneventful. This is the awkward year between the beginning of adulthood and the end of being a teenager. I don’t have much to say, so I’ll just share a few things I’ve learned in my first year as an adult:

  • Mistakes now cost money
  • The cons of being in college outweigh the pros (so far)
  • Success is the offspring of passion and dedication

I wish I could see future me and have him tell me these things so I don’t have to wait a year to know this.

I have a ton of saved drafts for blogs posts that I’ll be┬árevisiting┬álater this week or next week. Stay tuned.


The Amazing Blogoshpere

I hate the term “Blogoshpere”. I put it up there with terms like “Web 2.0” and “Cyberspace” on the list of “tech” words that make me want to vomit. If I ever use it again, be it here or on social media, feel free to punch me in the face next time you see me. However, I must use the term in this instance to describe the realm of blogging in the post title to keep it simple. Anyways, I digress…

The reason for this short post is to relay that awesome experience I’ve had reading people’s blogs. Not too many people I know have blogs so I decided to just explore the “blogosphere” (I literally die inside every time I say that) and read random blogs. I have read a few blogs on wide array of topics and they are all fascinating because most of the time they are just written by normal people like you and me. Maybe it is just interesting to me because I’m so used to seeing just little snapshots of what people think on the Internet through media such as Twitter and Facebook. I’ve learned so much just from reading a few blogs and I’d like to know even more about what people do and think in a more in-depth fashion than that of Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you have a blog and/or know a blog that is well worth reading please do not hesitate to share it with me, even if I don’t know you! Thanks.


A Largely Unnoticed Beginning

Hello. The title of my new blog should not be seen as an indication of content as you will find nothing relating to poon on here nor will there be daily postings. The purpose of my poon-tastic blog is to record my thoughts that I have as a youngn’ so that one day I may revisit these posts and see how I have changed in various facets of my life, almost like a diary, except with poon. Lots of poon.